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Where We Are It Is A Lot Of Fun
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Monday, March 9th, 2009
9:05 am
Is this thing on?
Friday, December 16th, 2005
1:05 pm
FYI: NZ/OZ pre-sale tickets
Ticketmaster NZ and OZ(well for melbourne anyway) now seem to be more than happy to courier pre-sale GA's out to the credit card holders address, especially if you have second show tickets being couriered too. Life is good. They will arrive in January as per the others. Also picking up pre-sale tickets from auckland ticketmaster office is all go now too. Takes all the stress off trying to get ticket of useless ericsson staff, YAY :)

Current Mood: accomplished
Monday, December 12th, 2005
1:24 am
Cleveland: The Final Tally
Okay, guys, I just hauled out the receipts and all and worked it out (shoulda done it earlier this evening but, uh, lazy. Heh. Sorries.) Anyway, I've got a final accounting, so, apologies for talking about money in public, but basically works out as $81 ea for people who stayed two nights or $46 ea for the three of you who just had one night. That's the rough thing - there's a few dips and so on varying per person, so I am about to email around to the entire group (with a corrected email addy for Barb - SO sorry, babe) so if you do not receive an email within the next half hour please let me know and I will resend. If you're okay with me just telling you in the comments, apply below.

Anyone who will be sending me money I will actually just get you to address to Teh Joy as it's easier for her to do, but I do request that where possible anyone pay as soon as possible because this is a cruddy time of year to be low on funds (of course, if anyone's got a serious issue we can of course absolutely work around it. Don't let anything vital suffer, kay?)

Also, if you've paid me and I've got it wrong - CORRECT ME PLEASE. ASAP. If I've forgotten something you paid for on behalf of all of us, let me know. Cheers, folks.

Just fyi, included in this accounting are: parking for all cars at both hotel and venue, hotel rooms 311, 411 and 911 and... okay, well, that's it (I hope.)

Thank you again very much to Mary for buying us pizza last night, to Shan and John for the water and various other supplies, and to, well, all of you for bringing extra stuff and buying food for each other and I hope y'all had as awesome a time as I did. It was a helluva trip, guys.

PS - if and when people who owe Joy or myself (most of you will be paying Joy as I owed her money initially) money do pay it please let me know so I can mark it off the list? Ta.

PPS - posting into the right journal now. SIGH.

In conclusion, Ray Kowalski.

EDIT: As of 2am EST, all 14 participants in the Great Holiday Inn Experience Round Eight Bajillion have been emailed at their last-known-to-me email address. Have ye nowt, hie ye hence to yon email and prod me at: benden[at]ihug[dot]co[dot]nz. Ta, guys. (Okay, so in reality it was more like an hour than a half hour. I was distracted by hot canadian men. So sue me.)

Sunday, December 11th, 2005
9:08 am
Anyone have a contact number for Claire? (Or anyone in Cleveland, for that matter!)
Friday, December 9th, 2005
4:10 pm
Sydney and Auckland second shows
I hope its ok to post this here but just a heads up to people in the states that ticketmaster nz and ticketek oz have changed the rules for the second auckland and sydney shows. You can now only purchase 4 tickets per person. Also for any kiwis post offices wont be selling this time.

Current Mood: anxious
Wednesday, December 7th, 2005
9:41 am
Cleveland Here We Come
I am officially a chickenshit when it comes to driving in snow. So, long story made short, I am leaving Lansing at 10am on Friday morning for the four hour drive to Cleveland, to make sure I get there safely and during daylight hours. I suspect I may well be the first to arrive and check in to the hotel. When are others arriving? I am thinking that if I actually make the trip in four hours, I may try to hit the Hall of Fame Friday afternoon. Anyone else gonna be around and feel like joining me? Looking forward to seeing you all soon! NV
Monday, November 28th, 2005
9:26 pm
Hopefully the last post til after the pre-sale drop:
Okay, something had been bugging me all evening and I've just figured out what it is. I am the hugest idiot in the history of ever, and I've just realised I screwed the time changes up horrendously. Because it's winter here I was automatically working out the winter time difference between NZ and everywhere else. But of course, it's SUMMER in NZ, which means that everything is happening two hours earlier than I posted earlier. I've edited the previous post with the correction, but just in case (hopefully should only affect one or two people who're working outside of their own time zones?)

midday Melbourne time is midday Sydney time = 6pm Mountain time/8pm EST/2pm NZ standard time TODAY.

So so sorry to be such a dumbass.

Additionally, be warned that TM.co.nz are playing silly buggers and telling people that the pre-sale starts at 10AM which is four hours earlier again, so it may pay to start poking at TM about that time - I certainly will be, anyway. I will endeavour to be online and available before that time, and I'll probably set up a group chat so we can all report in and/or bitch out the internets as we go.

Take care, guys.

Monday, November 21st, 2005
6:55 pm
... fuck.

So, the NZ concert tickets are going through ticketmaster. Which means... internet and ONE, yes folks, ONE location in Auckland (city of a million plus people, let me remind you.) The phrase 'we're screwed' comes to mind oh so strongly here.

I was hoping since ticketmaster is so unknown in NZ they'd just suck it up and use ticketek but apparently clear channel have the normal little stranglehold on matters.

It's a possibility TM may divert a portion of tickets to ticketek but I guess we won't know for certain until next week when they announce whatever else they're going to.

Current Mood: really tired + pessimistic
Friday, November 11th, 2005
8:36 pm
umm yeah.
so, this is one of the only place i could think of to post this. does anyone at all have one spare cleveland ticket (i doubt it but still) the mum said she'd get me a flight out there if i could find a face value ticket. so..if you happen to have one, or no someone who has one, if you could please let me know. just one lone ticket. i don't care where. in the parking lot for all i care if it means i can go.

Current Mood: hopeful
Tuesday, November 8th, 2005
5:24 pm
Hi, guys. So, time is marching and it's about time we tried to get our shit together for Cleveland, those of us who're aiming for it. Basically what I'm looking for today are NUMBERS as at the moment we're all in such dithers over everything else that I don't think anyone knows who else is supposed to be coming or what.

So, as always, can anyone who even MAY be coming please, please fill out this poll asap so I can try and get moving on attempting to source tickets for people who need them, and getting accomodation booked and all that jazz. Because it's a poll I can't edit this post later, so if I need to add or clarify anything I'll whack it into a new post.

Hope all are well and hoping to see quite a few of you there!

As always, if you want to drop out of the community or just simply make your own arrangements for the show, please do so with a clear conscience.

Poll #608267 Cleveland 05!

My current situation is:

I am definitely trying for the Cleveland U2 show
I really really want to but am not 100% certain yet.
I can't make it.
Other (specify in comments)

I have not yet booked accomodation, and require it for the following nights:

9th December
10th December
Other (state in comments)
Not sure yet - will get back to you ASAP!

My current situation as regards tickets is:

I have a GA already.
I have another ticket and am happy with that.
I have another ticket and wish to trade it/get a GA somehow
OMG I need a GA.
OMG I'll take anything.
I still need a ticket but I don't really want GA.
I can only get a GA if we box office line it.
Other (specify in comments)

Regarding accomodation, I would prefer to be with at most

1 other person (nominate in comments)
2 other people
3 other people
4 other people
I don't care, just get me a bed
I'll sort out my own accomodation, thanks.

...and yes, I realise doing this while a bunch of people are in Oakland for that show isn't the smartest idea ever, but if you know anyone who's going and wants to be included in our numbers, please let them AND me know asap.

Cheers, guys! Questions, comments, bribes and free gifts to the comments as always. :D

Please pretend the poll worked okay the first time. Sigh.

Current Mood: losaire!
Saturday, October 29th, 2005
5:54 pm
[UPDATE: Alright, I have a nosebleed for LA1, but if anyone has anything for LA2 that's also not too high above face+tm charges in terms of price, I would be interested in that.]

It being three days away and all, I realise this a total last ditch effort but it doesn't hurt to ask...

I need a ticket to LA1. I can't afford to pay scalper-type prices and I won't be able to stand in the box office line all day the day of the concert. If anyone has (or knows someone who has) an extra ticket that they're willing to part with for a price that's not too high above face+ticketmaster fees, I'd be extremely grateful to get it. I don't really care where in the venue the seat is, just as long as I'm there! Thanks...

Wednesday, October 26th, 2005
12:46 pm
anyone able or willing to trade an oakland 1 GA for an oakland 2 GA? it's the second show i'm after and have got an extra for night 1.
Monday, October 17th, 2005
3:52 pm
have a bit of a problem about the LA u2 shows and i'm hoping someone can help.

as of now i have nowhere to stay. well i do, but my friends down there live a good hour or two away and i'm not much for driving after the show and stalking all the way to joshua tree national park to stay the night to drive back the next morning.

so does anyone know a decent relatively cheap hotel near the staple center that i can look into? or is anyone going to be getting a hotel that i might be able to share or does anyone happen to have some space on someone's floor for me? just thought i'd ask here first. :-/ i hate asking actually but..what can you do.

still undecided about going to vegas yet and if everyone going to vegas is splitting hotels could i possible get in on that as well? thanks. *sigh*

*shuffles out*

Current Mood: blah
Monday, August 1st, 2005
8:57 pm
just being nosey
hi guys. i know this is really early but thtat's just the way i am.

well...if it's alright with everyone i'd like to tag along to vegas!baby!vegas! cause i figure i'll be in LA for the shows, and why not stay until i have to be back for the oakland shows (which if anyone needs to hitch a ride up with me, i'm all for company) and i get to do the U2 overload week, which would be so nice.

only thing being...would i possible be able to crash somewhere while i'm down there for the LA shows? i'm just trying to figure it out know before i get my hopes up. and decide how much money i'll need for hotels etc.

i don't actually have vegas tickets, but joy was saying she was going without them too and so i got inspired.

so...yeah...just thought i'd ask.

Current Mood: migraining hardcore
Tuesday, May 31st, 2005
12:56 am
Chicago Question...

Hey guys, I got my AMEX bill the other day (the one I used to check into the Palmer House with) and there's a charge for $101.00 on May 13th, the day that I believe Claire, Laura and Lissie left? Anyone have any idea what this is and/or if any of it needs to be paid for? My best guess is parking. It's not a hugely pressing matter because my dad can cover it for now, but I'd like not be out a hundred bucks. :D

ETA: I just checked, and parking at the Palmer House was $25 a day. Egads. I'm thinking that's it, then?
Sunday, May 22nd, 2005
9:50 pm
Alright, so there's about three weeks before I fly off for England and I still need to get some things tied up and such and thought I could get a good deal of them tackled here. So... yes. Questions:

01] I have two GA tickets for Croke 3 that I THINK are supposed to be for someone? Because Niki already has me covered with the ones she snagged. I'd just like to know who I should hit up for money or whatever and if there is no one, that I can go ahead and sell mine. Because money right now? Would be nice. Heh.

02] Rogueness? Would you be willing to put me up for another week after the U2 shows? I'm thinking July 1st - July 7th? If you're not that's absolutely more than fine, I just want to know what my options are before I make any plans. And you can answer me in e-mail instead of comments if you'd rather.

03] Along those same lines, Claire and Emma? What are your plans after the Cardiff show? If you've made them. Heh. And would you be put out if I tagged along for a bit? (Again, you're more than welcome to tell me to fuck off, I'm just kinda wondering.)

And... I think that's it. Any help would be appreciated!

Current Mood: curious
Monday, May 2nd, 2005
5:33 pm
So it sounds like I'm going to do the checking-in for the hotel on May 9 in Chicago? I really don't mind; I have nosebleeds for the 9th, so I can get to the venue whenever. And don't worry; I'll have just gotten done with a grueling semester, finals and moving myself back home in a 13-hour drive -- sitting around and vegging out would be delicious. No, no, no . . . it would be scrumtrullescent. But can I get a confirmation on that?

For future reference, you can get my cell number via my user info for all you tricksy ladies. :D

I might be meeting up with my aunt Nora, currently able to walk with cruches in public, at O'Hare and go into the city with her. Am finding that out soon. Speaking of which, she'd love to meet any or all of you (not that she has to because she's afraid you're all stalkers or whatnot), but that might be odd because of her leg -- we'll work something out, natch.

Regardless, the thought of Chicago is really helping me to pull through all these endless hours of studying with my head buried under texts and notes. One week!

Comments, thoughts, etc?
Sunday, May 1st, 2005
1:59 pm
Okay, I can't put it off any longer - I need to do something useful before my brain explodes, so, step one:

When exactly (at present time) is everyone getting into Chicago who's heading there?

I'm figuring we need to know a) who should be there first and thus able to check into the hotel, and b) where and how and when we're gonna meet up with each other.

For myself, my flight doesn't get in to O'Hare til 4pm on the 9th (in hindsight? I knew I'd try for the show, should've got an earlier flight. oops.) so I'm hoping like hell to be on time, and then to get to the hotel, dump all my crap, and haul arse to the venue to join the GA line. I gather our room that night is on Lissie's card, but under hers and my name - if anyone else is gonna be there before 5ish it'd benefit them to let us know so we can add them to the room name, and/or so they can get into the room.

My personal problem is that basically I have no mobile or anything, and this time I'm not with anyone else who does, so basically any plans we make I need to know about beforehand cos otherwise I'm well out of the loop.

How's everyone else currently situated, then?


Is anyone in our extended group going to be driving to/parking near the venue? At all? Because for the days that we're in line for a fair while, we're more than likely going to want to have stuff with us (raincoats, umbrellas, towels, blankets, pillows, food, drink, etc) that we're not going to want to take in/haul around the entire time. Some place to dump it has always been good, even if it's a case of then rescuing it after the show before making our way back to our hotel or whatever we choose to do. If no one is, then I at least am willing to chip in for someone to taxi to and from the hotel at about 4pm and carry all the stuff, cos I'd much rather have it with me as long as possible.

Current Mood: organise-y?
Wednesday, April 20th, 2005
12:14 pm
chicago arrivals/departures
i was just wondering where and when and how people were getting into and out of chicago. dates, flight times, airports, bus stations, etc?
Tuesday, April 19th, 2005
10:53 am
so, i'm clueless and shit, but is there a master list anywhere of who is going to be in chicago for what dates, etc?

also, will it be possible for me to snag a scrap of carpet on someone's hotel room floor on tuesday and possibly monday night?
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